What We Do

We Mag Products India Private Ltd, have been into the manufacture of Magnesium Sulphate Hepta-hydrate, Magnesium Sulphate An-hydrous & Magnesium Sulphate Penta-hydrate for the last 25 years [under the brand name of “Mag Spray” ® marketed and sold across the country and also exported to Europe, Africa & The United States of America] in 25, 50 & 1100 Kg HDPE Packing.

“Mag Spray” ® has tremendous brand re-call and good will among its customers and has emerged as the most preferred brand of Magnesium Sulphate across the country.

Our BIS approved “MagSpray”® brand agricultural grade magnesium sulphate-heptahydrate is a favourite of professional growers who rely on it for the best results in agricultural & horticultural applications.

For the various uses of “MagSpray” please visit http://magproductsindia.com/applications/


Our Mission is for “MagSpray” to be the most preferred brand having the highest market share in the domestic market as well in the export market. We also strive to distribute the product across all the states in the country and also scaling up our supplies across countries in Asia, Europe, Africa & North America.

We intend to achieve this by among other things:-

  • Highlighting the benefits of using “MagSpray” in the area of agriculture to further improving the yield of their output without significantly changing the pH of the soil, which has been demonstrated by past users of our product
  • Highlighting the Benefits of using “MagSpray” as an aqua and animal feed backed by testimonials of existing customers who have delighted by the results of using “MagSpray”
  • Highlighting the quality of “MagSpray” which has been acclaimed by users across various industries and various geographies for being of the highest quality and producing impressive results


Our Mission is to ensure that the benefits of Magnesium Sulphate across the fields of Agriculture, Medicine, Detergents & Paper Industry are adequately and clearly discussed and elaborated to the end users which ensures that the ultimate utility of Magnesium Sulphate is realised which steadily grows the market for Magnesium Sulphate enabling us to grow in the process as well by suitably benefitting the concerned industries.

Further, we constantly strive for innovation to ensure that we improve the quality of the output produced, ensure cost efficiency and updating ourselves with the latest technological changes.

In addition to these the Mahaveer Group across its companies has shown leadership in the protection of the environment through various pioneering activities such as an effective waste disposal plan, planting of trees around the factory & consuming environmental friendly inputs to the maximum extent.