Why Us

Our BIS approved “MagSpray”® brand agricultural grade magnesium sulphate-heptahydrate is a favourite of professional growers who rely on it for the best results in agricultural & horticultural applications.

MPIPL has based its whole business on the following principles which are the guiding principles of everything we do in our constant effort to innovate, improve & provide a unique customer experience which gives us an edge over our competition:-

  • High Quality
  • Timeliness of Supply
  • Efficient Supply Chain Management
  • Competitive Prices
  • Commitment to Environment

We have adhered to all the required statutory & quality compliances with respect to the manufacturing plant. Special care is taken to ensure that all necessary procedures are in place to deal with the residue generated at the manufacturing unit is dealt with in a proper manner in accordance with the environmental guidelines. The company has also contributed to ensure the welfare & up liftment of the local community where its factory is located.